Airline Operators Comittee - Frankfurt Airport

The Airline Operators Committee, Frankfurt (AOC)
was founded in the early 1960's.

The Airline Operators Committee, Frankfurt (AOC) was founded in the early 1960’s.
All airlines operating into Frankfurt Rhein Main Airport may become a member of the AOC. There are currently 70 Airlines that are members of the AOC, Frankfurt. There is an executive Board, which consists of 4 members, which is elected every 2 years by the complete membership.
The Executive Board is responsible for representing the interests of all airlines and is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the complete membership.
There are working groups, which consists of the following subcommittees:

  • Terminal and Facilitations
  • Ground Operations & Safety
  • Baggage
  • Flight Operations
  • Security, Emergency & Customs
  • Charges ( BARIG )
  • PRM
  • Cute Club
  • Events

The chairpersons of the subcommittees are proposed by any member to the Executive Board and are voted by the Executive Board. There is a general full membership meeting once per month where all members are encouraged to attend and share their views. The subcommittee chairpersons, as well as the Executive Board, present their activities to the memberships and solicit feedback and concerns from all present with the view of improving the general conditions of the entire airline community. The subcommittees hold meetings regularly and any member airline is welcome to join the subcommittees. The purpose of the AOC is to represent airline concerns and interests to the Airport and Government Authorities. We can do this more effectively if we have your active participation in all areas.

We welcome all existing and future members to our Frankfurt AOC Community!